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Receive the best treatment in NYC for bacterial infections in gums.

More and more, people are turning to new methods of treating bacterial infections in the gums. The best treatment for this is called Laser Bacterial Reduction Therapy.



Main Facts about our Periodontal Therapy in NYC

One of the quickest rising oral health concerns across America and NYC in recent years is periodontal disease. If you’re going in for dental treatment, you should be aware of the risks of not taking care of any gum issues prior to any long term treatment such as implants or cosmetic dentistry. In addition, it is important to treat any periodontal infection because of the strong correlation it has with increased risks for heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, and stroke.

More and more, people are turning to new methods of treating bacterial infections in the gums. The best treatment for this is called Laser Bacterial Reduction Therapy. At JDental our LBR cleaning approach is governed by our philosophy of providing gentle dental care and there’s no better technique to apply it to. LBR is a gentle, effective, and efficient method of eliminating bacterial and periodonal diseases and it’s increasingly becoming a standard procedure for dental clinics worldwide.

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Laser Bacterial Reduction Therapy simply destroys bacteria in the mouth with powerful lasers. Using light, it is naturally non-invasive, hygienic, and comfortable for the patient. It’s normally done during routine dental checkups and appointments. With a small handheld tool, your dentist will flash a high-intensity laser around the teeth and the gum line (gingiva), to kill dangerous bacteria. If performed correctly, this treatment is highly effective for eliminating resistant bacteria in the mouth.

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To treat periodontal disease, lasers are used to penetrate soft tissue to kill bacteria before an inflammation forms and creates pain in the gum tissue. Lasers are used to target cells outside of the traditional cancer treatment zone, usually too far for traditional treatment tools. Because of plaque buildup, dental disease and gingivitis develop in teeth and gums. The presence of bacteria in the gums can lead to an inflammatory response at the base of the tooth known as bruxism. If you have any questions while you prepare with your dentist in Midtown NYC, here are some useful tips you’ll need to know beforehand to assess whether or not you need Laser Bacterial Reduction.

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The laser will be able to sweep across harmful bacteria to eliminate their colonies. One objective is to reduce the amount of inflammation that would occur in a very short time frame. Most uncomplicated cases can be successfully treated with a single colonoscopy, while other more complicated cases may require minor hygiene procedures. With a proper home care plan, most tissue will re-attach within a few weeks and bacteria levels will return to a healthy level. We can improve our immune systems by eliminating harmful bacterial species that are present in our mouths while not destroying the beneficial bacterial species we have within us. Besides numerous other health benefits, laser-assisted bacterial reduction helps to decrease swelling, reduces pain, and speeds healing.

Statistics show that 47% of Americans aged thirty years and more have some form of periodontal disease. While progress is being made, it is critical to realize that many people who suffer from periodontal disease are not receiving the necessary treatment. Laser bacterial reduction is a supplemental therapy that is meant to supplement other measures for promoting reduced use of trimmers. Using Listerine OTC prevents the spread of infection and the spread of gingivitis, but it does not fight periodontal disease or lessen the time it takes for the disease to heal once it is present. We are available today for you to discuss Laser Bacterial Reduction and will ensure you remain pain-free with the removal of harmful bacteria.

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While the treatment is simple and straightforward and takes little time to do, the equipment is expensive. A properly calibrated laser with a high power laser doesn’t come cheap and JDental makes this investment to give their patients the best and most contemporary treatment available.

These two factors are further exacerbated by the fact that most insurance companies do not recognize LBR as the standard treatment for periodontal disease or as supplements to a general hygienist cleaning your teeth. So in most cases, you will pay out of pocket for this exclusive treatment.

Regardless, Laser Bacterial Reduction is a great way to improving your oral health and makes resolving issues like periodontal disease more comfortable and effective. JDental can provide you with an amazing cleaning + LBR treatment for you to obtain a beautiful and healthy smile.

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Our clients in NYC about our dentist:


Kim E.
Kim E.
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Dr. deSouza is the most detailed/clean dentist I’ve ever had. She gave me personalized instructions on how to take care of my teeth and had no problem answering my million and one questions. Highly recommend.
Karleen LeVille
Karleen LeVille
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Dr. deSouza did an excellent job with my teeth cleaning. She was extremely gentle and thorough. Her friendly demeanor took away any anxiety I had going to a dentist. My smile is 1000% better which is important because I work in the entertainment industry. She is a dentist with a great personable energy.
Ivette Casanova
Ivette Casanova
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I’m so happy to have met Dr. deSouza. She is kind and compassionate about her care for her patients. I had a wonderful experience. She’s gentle, committed to the dental health of her patients and offers wide range of services. It was my first time at her dental office and I must say it was a great experience!! Best dentist ever!!
Jongnic Bontemps
Jongnic Bontemps
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Dr. deSouza is an artist! She cares deeply about her patients and her work. She knows that the best billboard is your smile and she takes pride in creating the best billboards in New York City. A few years ago she rebuilt a severely eroded tooth. I’ve since moved to Los Angeles and every dentist I see out here marvels at her work. 7 years and it’s still holding up with no pain or signs of erosion. And it looks great too! That’s art. Two things I miss about NYC. It’s energy and Jessica DeSouza DDS.

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Dr. Jessica deSouza has been practicing dentistry for 10 years. She attended Yale University and obtained a B.A in Economics. Dr. Jessica deSouza completed a Post Baccalaureate at Columbia University and obtained a DDS at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. She also completed a General Practice Residency at Veteran’s Administration Brooklyn Hospital. She is a member of the American Dental Society and NYS Dental Association. She participates with Osseoinstitute Study Club, Bayside Periodontics Study Club, and Women to Women Dentists. Dr. Jessica deSouza also volunteers with God’s Love We Deliver, Jan Hus Urban Outreach Center and Dental Lifeline. 

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